Group Personal Training

Group personal training is now one of the hottest trends in the fitness industry and rightly so (we have been doing it since 2003!). Many people are realising the benefits of having professional instruction, structure, and accountability in their fitness programs, just a few of the things that a group personal training session offers.

While gyms and health clubs provide plenty of amenities, classes and equipment, we find they are designed for people who know what they are doing and don’t need much help with an exercise program. Health clubs just lease you space and the ability to use their equipment? Which is a good value if you know what to do and don’t require structure and accountability. The problem is that only reflects a small percentage of the population.

 Most people join a health club because they want to lose weight, get in shape and improve their health. They have a specific desired outcome or results they’d like to see. Unfortunately, most people need the critical components of personalised instruction, structure, and accountability, all aspects which form the backbone of our group personal training sessions. It’s no surprise that most people only go to their health club on average three times a month after just sixty days of joining.

A common mistake is deciding to join a health club over other alternatives predominately out of the cost factor. While cost is an important factor to consider, your return on investment is a better way to select the best program for you.

Up until just recently your options were limited on receiving the professional instruction, structure, and accountability needed to see results. At Elms Personal Fitness we’ve provided group personal training for over 1000 people since 2003.

Our group personal training and weight loss concept brings you the benefits of personal training at a significantly lower price than traditional hour long personal training sessions.

We understand some people are happy to go it alone in normal gyms and health clubs and they will do just fine, but others still need the accountability and structure because without it, they struggle and often fall back into old habits while results slip away, all these problems can be solved with regular group personal training sessions provided by our team personal trainers.

If you feel this is you then call us today, come and have a chat with one of our personal trainers and learn more about the Elms Fitness Concept.