Whats makes you different?

Most gyms nowadays just give you an induction and just let you get on with it. At Elms Personal Fitness you will always have a personal trainer with you telling you exactly what to do and when to do it, training you towards your goals in a group personal training environment, whether its weight loss, general fitness or training for a marathon. You simply book in for your session, turn up and we will do the rest. The sessions are designed to give you a full body workout, so you leave feeling motivated.

I normally join gyms and lose motivation quickly, how will you keep me motivated?

Every Group personal fitness workout is pre-booked either after your session, through our online diary or by simply phoning up to book your next session. We encourage booking your next appointment straight after your session, so you have something to work towards for your next session. By booking your group personal training session with us you will know how long you are here for and that our personal trainers will be getting that extra 20% out of you that you probably wouldn’t get out of yourself!

As your fitness and weight loss goals are starting to take affect with our group personal training session you should be inclined to keep coming as the results you are seeing are worth it. We know that it is our job to keep you motivated during your sessions as time as a member which is why our group training sessions incorporate a mixture of cardio, resistance and functional workouts to keep workouts fresh and interesting. 

I feel out of place in gyms, why wont I at Elms Personal Fitness?

At Elms Personal Fitness we have members from 16 – 80+ years of age (70% of our members are over 35), we have members with knee replacements, hip replacements, members from 8 stone - 27 stone and members training for the marathon, we have all levels, all ages and all abilities that actually have a goal they want to achieve but for about 75% of our members weight loss, general fitness and toning is their main aim. About 50% of our members have never exercised since school and about 30% have come from a large health club because they either got bored, didn't enjoy it and didn’t see any results, the others are the people who have tried the diets and finally found out they don’t work, people who have bought the home exercise equipment and never used it and tried the home exercise DVDs, you know the type! Our 60 minute group personal training workout is for everyone and you are made to feel 100% welcome as soon as you step foot through the door, whatever your age, size or fitness level. We know all our members on first name terms and they know us. 

When do the sessions run?

Our sessions run at set times throughout the day, please take a look at your local clubs session times or contact them for more information

How many people are in each session?

In varies depending on what time you come in but it will range from 1 to 12 people per session. Although you are trained in a group, it is tailored to your level and towards your goals each time.

How do I book my sessions?

We recommend you book your sessions as you leave each time. You can also book by calling or emailing the club or using our online booking system.

Does it get busy and will I have to queue for equipment?

No, every session is pre booked which allows us to manage numbers and as you have personal trainer training you, you will always be doing something. Each club also has a maximum membership.

How do I pay?

We have set monthly memberships available and all memberships are paid by direct debit each month. We do have annual pay in full options which make it cheaper in the long term. Your monthly set price covers as many sessions as you want.