What is the Elms Personal Fitness concept?

To put it simply, the Elms Personal Fitness concept is a 60 minute group personal training fitness and weight loss workout in a gym environment.

It is a fitness experience like no other, we are not a gym where you are just given an induction and left to get on with it, instead we run group personal training sessions at set times every day focusing on fitness and weight loss results.

Each session is led by one of our fully qualified Elms Personal Trainers and designed to provide you with the motivation, enjoyment, results and accountability that in time will get you the body you want. This is done by using a variety of  group personal training methods in a fun, non-intimidating atmosphere.

We will use a variety of interval, resistance and functional training during the 60 minute session to get you the fitness and weight loss results you want.

Every session you do is pre-booked in our training diary. All you have to do is simply turn up and the trainer will support and train you throughout the whole session and make it fun and challenging at the same time. Our sessions are designed for all ages and fitness levels from people who have never used a gym before (which is about 50% of our membership base) to the very experienced. Our personal trainers look after you as an individual every step of the way, every time you come to Elms Personal Fitness for your group personal training workout.

The great thing about our concept is that due to the style of the group personal training session you will not only burn calories while you are with us but also for a day or two after your workout, aiding your weight loss goals. As an Elms Personal Fitness member you will firstly notice an increase in energy levels followed by weight loss, toning and an increase in stamina and fitness levels. You will also see many other health benefits that may include a reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol, an improved immune system, reduced stress levels and increased mobility to name but a few.

From your Elms Personal Fitness workout we also aim to deliver to you a concept where you feel motivated during every session, a system that is designed to keep your attendance regular and a group personal training workout that gives you more structure than a normal gym workout but at the same time still making it affordable.

Since 2003 we have trained many people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels and we welcome you to come and meet the trainers at any of our clubs, try our group personal fitness and weight loss concept and see for yourself why we are different from any other gym or fitness club around and learn how our concept can help you achieve your health or fitness goal in a friendly personal environment.